customer reviews

“I saw it on one of those tool shows. Ordered it and I’m glad I did. Makes the job site alot easier to get stuff done in. Don’t have to make a bunch of trips back to the shop.”

Dale G. | Welder | Portsmouth, ME


“We tailgate every home game during football season. My husband uses the vise top while he’s working during the week as a plumber, and we both use the table top feature at the games on Sunday. Go Broncos!!!”

Leslie & Rick W. | Plumber and Proud Residents of Broncos Country


“What don’t I use my Porta-Vise for? Using the vise to hold my bike for repairs when I’m out in the rough. I use it the table to make food and eat at when my and the kids are camping. We’ve even used it to play go-fish while we wait for a storm to pass.”

Tyler M. | Mountain Biker, Camper, Rad Dad, Outdoor Enthusiast, Thrill Seeker | Portland, OR


“I love how easy it is to take on and off my SUV. My husband bought one for his landscaping business (he uses it to hold sprinkler pipe while he fits valves at peoples’ homes). When he showed me the website had added a table top feature, I bought one for the kids football, baseball, and volleyball games. It’s only 15 pounds and makes a great table for holding the coolers and setting up while the kids are at practice or games.”

Cindy S. | Best Mom Ever | Tucson, AZ


“I do general maintenance for a property management company in Austin, TX. Since I have a lot of odd jobs on a daily basis, I need to be able to carry as much equipment with me as possible. The Porta-Vise has come in handy more times than I can count. Soldering pipe with the vise, or putting the table on so I don’t have to use the bed of my truck, it’s a nice flat surface and the arm holds it in place.”

Malcolm D. | General Maintenance/Handyman | Austin, TX


“Lightweight so it doesn’t weigh my truck down, but the arm is a really strong aluminum that’s withstood everything I’ve thrown at it. I’ve had my Porta-Vise for about a year and just bought one for my son for his new business. I don’t ever write stuff like this, but I really do think everyone who works out of their truck needs one of these things. The amount of time it saves me just not having to back and forth to my shop or garage is alot. Do yourself a favor and just buy one. Trust me.”

Mark S. | Brick Mason and Electrician | O’Fallon, MO